Sunday, November 30, 2008


I have discovered that 2 year olds are very literal creatures. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Emma and I spent some time at my parent's house in Alabama. One night, Em was getting ready for her bath, so my mom had her stripped down and ready to toss in the bath, when she declared "I brshh teff." (Loosely translated means I brush teeth). So my mom sits her on the counter and she starts to brush her teeth. She worked really hard on the top teeth, so I said, "now do your bottom." So she takes the toothbrush to those cute little butt cheeks and tries to "brush the bottom!"

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Craft days or Crap days

WARNING:This rambling, I mean post may offend some. Caution while reading.
Today was our big craft show at a local church. Emily and I had big hopes for this show. We decided it couldn't be any worse than our last one, ahh but indeed it could be worse. The last show we did was an outdoor show and the big seller was the pvc pipe marshmallow shooter.

I mean I can see what the big draw is, being the first to claim you put someones eye out with a marshmallow, cool right? Well this show the big seller was wait for it...... Santa poop. Yes, you did read that right, Santa poop. Of course this booth was right across from us, so you could see all of the buying going on. And the infamous marshmallow shooter was only a few booths down. So this is my problem... to me a craft show should be a craft show! A craft to me is something YOU make. Not something you buy from China for pennies and sell for dollars. Sorry friends, but some of this stuff is just junk! I have to many crafty friends not to appreciate true talent and the art of creating something with your own two hands, not the hands of Feng Shui. I have decided that many of the people who come to "craft shows" don't appreciate someones fine work. As I walked around looking at the booths I felt like shaking the hands of the handful of people who actually made stuff. Like the old guy who made duck calls, the decoupage cross lady, and the lord help me crochet cup holder lady. I didn't say I would necessary buy any of these things, but it was nice to see something handmade.
If nothing else these past few craft shows have been an experience.
*AND NOW A LITTLE SHOUT OUT TO MY CRAFT CLUB:Thanks for being such great and inspiring people. I love our Monday nights together! It is great to have such fun, creative friends to hang out with.

Monday, November 10, 2008


This past weekend we headed to Tuscaloosa for Alabama's homecoming. I was so excited because I haven't been back to Tuscaloosa since I graduated a few centuries ago. I was especially excited to take Emma to the big homecoming parade. So my parents, my aunt and uncle, Tom, Emma and I headed to T town for the parade and game. As soon as I stepped on campus it was like I never left. Even though my life and body for that matter all have changed, it was like stepping back in time. No, I wasn't wearing my Dorothy red slippers, but it did seem like I was back in Kansas.

The parade was really cool and Emma loved it. She got so excited when the people on floats would wave to her. She would just laugh and wave.

After the parade my parents took Emma and headed back to Birmingham. Tom and I headed over to the stadium for the game.

The tide rolled to victory over Arkansas State and improved their perfect season to 9-0. It was the perfect weekend!

3 thirty somethings+3 two year olds+craft night=#@*&#@*@#

Ahh, Martha Stewart we do love you, but I would have to guess that little Alexis wasn't around while you were creating paper wreaths, and wooden door signs. That might be why grown up Alexis has a new show called "Whatever Martha." Anyway, tonight was craft club night. I love craft club night, mainly for the people that are there, but it is just fun to get out of the house for awhile. I have become obsessed with Michaels and Archivers. It seems like I am in there everyday buying something fun. Needless to say, friends you be gettin some handmade gifts this year. But tonight's club would be a bit different since I would be bringing the Emminator. I prayed for a peaceful time and hoped for the best. I could just end here, but that wouldn't be any fun, now would it. Some highlights from the night:
Potty Wars Part Deaux: Avery, Faith, and Emma all wanting to use the Elmo potty at the same time.

How many times can we take our diaper off game, followed by the lets dump cheerios all over the floor game.
My child wanting to paint with mod podge. Why do I bother to try explaining to a 2 year old it is not paint!!!!
And finally three frazzled mommies sitting on the couch thinking do I smell poop again!!!!
But through it all I had the best time! Viva la craft club! Ole