Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Emma's new pose

This picture really makes me laugh. I have absolutely no idea where she learned this but it is so funny!

In case you wanted to see it again my dad took about 50 pictures!!

Jesus and the Whopper

On our way back to Memphis, Emma and I stopped into a Burger King in Tuscumbia Alabama. It was lunch time and moderately crowded. I ordered and told Emma to pick a seat. There was this group of about five construction guys sitting at a table. I thought I hope Emma doesn't pick the booth next to them, because I don't want alot of whistling and carrying on when I walk by(insert laugh here). So I did my best non sexy walk and sat in the booth next to them. Being totally judgemental, I thought they would probably be talking about football, flatulence, and babes.
But to my surprise they were talking about Jesus. That's right Jesus! Out of the five guys at the table I would say that two of the men were believers, and the other three were seekers. The believers used words like free will, heaven, mercy, and the seekers used words like unsure, and hell. They asked the same questions that many ask, why do bad things happen to good people? Why does God allow children to die, war, sadness, and if I have been a sinner all my life can I really find forgiveness?
I wanted to put down my chicken sandwich and scream yes, you can find forgiveness, grace, mercy, and peace! You just have to ask for it. For almost an hour they battled back and forth. By the end of lunch, the three men still were not convinced about the saving grace of Jesus, but it did give me great peace to know that these men had friends that weren't embarrassed to talk about Jesus in a Burger King.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kraft Kamikaze

I am crazy for crafts!!! It all started when I took this scrapbooking class on how to make gift tags. The ad for the craft even said once you make your own tags you can never go back to store bought peel off tags! And I am here to testify they are right! So I decided to stock up on supplies and make all of my gift tags for Christmas this year.

I have had so much fun, but that fun has turned into a dark crafting obsession. I am now making ornaments

Picture boards..

Ahh this beautiful madness, you name it, I have probably mod podged it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

One Size

We have all seen this "claim" one size fits all, on various articles of clothing, hats, socks, shirts, gloves, etc. But does one size really fit all?
So as I was touring the aisles of Target tonight looking at all of the one size fits all stuff, I began to have some deep thoughts on the subject. I started thinking about all of my friends. Most of my friends there is no way I could wear their one size fits all , and no way they could wear my one size fits all. So how do designers get away with making this claim? So still deep in thought, I went to pick up my pictures at the photo lab. (Side note: This was the 4 time I tried to pick up my pictures and Christmas cards a.k.a. photogate). So I get to the counter and my pics are finally ready and the young lady behind the counter checks me out. She says "so sorry about you wait." I heard, "so sorry about your weight." And I am staring there looking at her and thinking you're no skinny prize either. And I said, "I have never had anyone say that to me before," she looked confused and I was disturbed, then I realized what she meant. Duh she was sorry I had to wait for my pictures. When we both realized what the other was saying we both died laughing. One size doesn't fit all!