Monday, January 26, 2009


I was at the mall today, and Emma and I stopped by the little play area. It wasn't to crowded so I thought it would be ok to play for awhile. So I sat down, and immediately this woman's conversation caught my ear. She was talking to another lady about how her daughter goes to a preschool 2 days a week and how smart she is. She said "She isn't even 2 yet and they are putting her in a 3 yr old class because she is so smart and she bosses the other children, and can even tell the teachers what to do." Hmm, I am intrigued... It gets better my friends. She proceeds to tell the lady that they have already had her IQ tested!!! What!!! The kid is 1! Really.. So I am thinking we are in the presence of true greatness. So this gifted genius comes up to her mommy and holds her crotch and says "I yucky." Well if that is the vocabulary of a genius then I must say that most of Emma's friends will be joining her in Mensa classes!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I did it!!!!

Wow! I just finished my first workout on the wii fit! This thing is amazing! The funny thing is unlike me it remembers the last time you were on the board. It remembers your last weight, BMI, and how much time you spent working out. Well, when I got on tonight it said "Hmmm it has been 18 days since we saw you last, and by the way you have gained 2 pounds." (Insert picture of me with a shotgun blowing up the tv).
But I wasn't going to let this blatant taunting stop me. I had the eye of the tiger, Rocky's blood flowing threw me, I can do this! So I stepped on the wii board and my first exercise was hula hoop. Well let's just say my hips haven't moved like that in awhile. LOL. But the cool thing was my first attempt I only did 7 rotations, then 14, and finally 120! I played soccer, skiing, and I actually did the fun run. I must say I was so proud of myself for doing that run. It was only 4 minutes, but my heart and knees thought i had done 26.2. Surprisingly it was fun, and in no time I had 21 minutes in my fitness bank. As I type this, I have ice bags on my knees, and I have lubed up with lots of ben-gay. Trust me you don't want to see the pictures!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Family Time

This weekend we hit the road to Alabama! Emma and I went to visit my parents for the weekend. My dad bought Emma and of course himself a harmonica.

They were so funny playing those harmonicas. I thought about getting a washboard and joining the band.

After their jam session, Papa and Emma went outside to hang up the bird feeder she made at preschool.

We had a great time visiting Nana and Papa!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I am sitting on the potty and I look up and see this....

Really? I mean couldn't the last person have changed the roll. Then I realized I think the last person was me!
So I tried this.....

You know the old saying a little goes along way? I didn't find that to be true!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Life Lesson

This is just a funny little Emma story. Emma, Katie (the dog), and I were laying in bed watching the Little Mermaid 2. We don't usually allow the dog in the bed, but lately Katie has decided that she doesn't like the floor. So we are watching the movie, and I hear this machine gun sound. I thought either we are under attack or Emma has had some rapid fire gas! So i said, Emma, do you have gas?" And she said, "no Katie did it!" Tom and I are so proud! That is one thing we can mark off our to do list to teach her.