Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mama said there would be days like this, Mama said

Don't you just love song titles about life:Papa don't Preach, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Purple Rain (well maybe not that one), and Mama said there would be days like this. Hmm, I don't know if my mom has ever said that, but I am sure somewhere in the world someone has heard that. Well mama, today was my day. The day started out as usual, alarm clock goes off, stumble out of bed (literally), and hit the bathroom. The day begins to turn sour (literally again) when I realize the milk has expired and there is nothing for breakfast. This doesn't do a body good. Fast forward, we are now at the Preschool and Emma insists on being carried!!!!! I think this bothers me so much because it is way to hard to do it with my bad legs! Today was also party day at school. Yippee! Anyway, after school I am just super tired, and Emma decides to take this opportunity to have a full on, four alarm, get some help, i need tylenol, all out fit. That was it! No more will I be a participant to these childish rants. Oh did I mention she is two! But the best was yet to come . We are cleaning out our guest room for company this weekend. Our dear friend is dog sitting for us while we are out of town. So we have been working hard to get the room ready. Yesterday, I stacked up three boxes of trash, and next to the boxes was my box where I have been storing all of my jewelry for the shows we have been doing. Before I left for my friend's baby shower, I told Tom there are three boxes of trash that need to go out. He said ok. Flash forward- When I got home tonight I went to get some of the bracelets I made out of my box of stuff and well the box wasn't there. The following is a dramatization of our conversation: "Tom, umm where is my box with my jewelry stuff?"
"You said to throw away three boxes." "Yes the three boxes stacked up, not the one with all of my work in it." "You said three boxes." "yes, but all of my stuff was in that box." "You said three boxes." The end
*no one was injured in this dramatization.

I think if he at least had apologized it would have been easier to take. My song title for this day is When Doves Cry by Prince

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things I Learned Showering with a 2 year old

So my husband has been working alot on the weekends. It was time to shower and I decided Emma gets into way too many things, so just put her in the shower with me. These are a few of my keen observations from this event.
First, if you have a muffin top* (see definition below) water will spray off of it and into your child's eyes. Second, your child will stare wild eyed at your naked body! You must get passed this, but I know she was thinking "why does mommy have those huge watermelons stuck on her chest ,and how do they stay on?" She probably concluded that the melons rest so nicely on that Costco muffin top, that must be how they stay on. Third, while you are thrashing around with your wash cloth, soap will probably fly into their eyes! And I can tell you Irish Spring does burn. And lastly, if you have any cups in the shower take them out! Because when your child fills them up with hot water, chances are good that when they drink the water they will burn their throat!

*muffin top-that large flappy part of skin in the lower abdomen that hangs over your belly. This phenomenon happens usually after child birth. And despite sit ups and crunches it just doesn't go away!

Ahh Tranquility

Last weekend, my husband and I packed up the family truckster and headed down south. Huntsville to be exact. We had a fun filled anniversary weekend planned sans our child. Since Emma was born 2 years ago we haven't had a night alone. So we dropped her off at Nana and Papa's, and headed for the hotel. We decided to stay at the Westin Bridge Street. The hotel overlooks this amazing outdoor mall, movie theater, gondala rides, paddle boats, outdoor carousal, just about everything. The Westin also has a very nice spa. So Saturday we headed to lunch at a place called Ketchup before my spa day.

After lunch I headed back to the Westin for my spa day. I got a massage, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow wax, and a leg rejuvenating treatment. Well after the lady doing my eyebrows removed 3 layers of my epidermis it was time to head back up to the room.
Feeling rejuvenated and kinda pretty we headed out for a fancy dinner. And fancy to me means no chicken fingers and french fries, and no sippy cups! We ate at a place called Dolce. It was this retro Italian place. It was so dark in there I could barely see Tom, much less read the menu. But the food was great and it was nice to be able to actually chew my food, instead of scarfing food down before my child goes nuts. The cool thing about this hotel is we never had to leave!! Everything was right there. On Sunday we saw to fabulous movies, Fireproof and Billy the Early Years. Overall the weekend was a time to reconnect and relax. We both decided we need to do that more often!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A few musings

In my spare time recovering from the dreaded stomach virus, I was watching the news. They were doing a story on obese people in America. So they roll tape on obese people walking on the streets of America. Can you imagine being the unfortunate victim of one cameraman's eye. I mean what do they say go out and video a bunch of fat people walking around!! I guess they have to have video. But really, can you imagine sitting down and turning on the news and seeing your belly walk across the screen? Awful. I guess that is why they never show their poor faces. My other musing: I was reading the bottle of Pepto Bismol and it says something like this, "a harmless blackening of your stool or tongue may occur." A harmless blackening...... is no one else alarmed by this. I personally find it alarming that my tongue might turn black. That could make for some awkward conversational moments. I think I may have too much time on my hands.

Stomach Virus 08

Ahh, no matter how much I washed my hands and prayed it away, it happened: the dreaded stomach virus. So I have compiled a list of the 3 favorite things I can now do now that I don't have the dreaded stomach virus.

3. My skinny jeans fit perfectly now (this could be because I haven't eaten since Sunday).
2. I can now take a shower (without the great desire to fall into the fetal position next to the toilet).
And the number 1 thing I can now do: pass gas without pooping my pants!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My jeans are laughing at me

So I lost a few pounds and decided to buy a few nice things in hopefully a smaller size. Because lets be real here, when your jeans are to big they sag and I personally could start a pants fire with all the chaffing going on. So I was "professionally" fitted for some jeans, and to my delight I was a size smaller. Now I will confess they seemed a little tight to me, but the sales lady assured me they looked great and that jeans always stretch a little. Well as soon as I brought the new jeans home, there was this immediate tension that existed between my new size and my old size. At night, I swear I could hear sounds from my closet, mumblings if you will. I distinctly heard one pair say, "you will be back," and another old pair said "you have new pants but can you button them?" All very valid points from my closet friends, but I was determined to defy the odds!! So today I put on my smaller size jeans, and wouldn't you know it, I did have trouble buttoning them. Were my old jeans right? It couldn't be! So I remembered what Scarlett O'Hara said, "As God as my witness I will never wear those fat jeans again!" I am currently accepting applications for a walking partner, so I can stay in my new jeans and maybe buy some new ones!!

A Special Time

Today was the NICU reunion at Baptist Women's Hospital. This is the second year we have attended, and we look forward to the first of October every year. The kids dress up in their costumes, and they have food, games, and a moon bounce. The coolest thing to me is they weigh , measure, and make a clay handprint of each child. They made a certificate with Emma's birth weight and her weight now. It is so amazing to see how much she has grown! At birth she was a tiny 3 lbs and now she is a whopping 25 lbs! Each year I like to just sit down and look around. I am surrounded by hundreds of God's little miracles. As the kids run by I read their NICU stickers that have their birth date and their birth weight. Some of these little babies running around me weighed less than a pound at birth!! Of course some of these little preemies have obvious physical problems, but many of them appeared to be happy and healthy. Each year this reunion takes Tom and I back to that time when our little girl was fighting for her life, and how scared we both were. We will always have this special unspoken bond with many of these parents of preemies, as well as the doctors and nurses of Baptist Women's Hospital. We feel so blessed that God has chosen us to raise Emma for Him.